TV & Film Financing

Don't dig for gold...


Few activities fire the imagination as the creation of films. Blockbusters make hundreds of millions of dollars, and the lives of A-list Hollywood stars, producers and directors is what many people love reading about. That’s the glamour, the dream, and many investors fall over themselves to get a part of those box office takings.

However, why take the high risk of losing your investment? Wouldn’t it be better to secure an income stream that was independent of box office success? 

Sell the shovels!


TV & film financing is an inefficient market with a limited number of banks and VC firms being the main source of financing. These lenders suffer from structural limitations, which our business partner, a key non-bank lender with very strong connections to the sector, has taken advantage of, to provide a superior service.

Our strategy is to lend against secured assets within the independent film & TV sector. This proven secured senior loan strategy offers returns well in excess of benchmark high yield portfolios, with far less return volatility - and zero losses since inception!

The smart money way...


For portfolio managers seeking 

· to generate superior risk-adjusted returns 

· diversification of their client portfolios 

· high levels of income, and

· potential for long-term income generation

for their risk-averse or conservative clients, the opportunity exists to partner with us to realise these goals.