Pre-IPO Shares

Private Equity, Enhanced


This is a highly sought-after niche of the private equity universe; and one where European investors have historically been at a distinct disadvantage to Americans, until now... 

Whilst some European investors recognise the huge potential of companies in Silicon Valley, banks, financial advisors and client relationship managers rarely have the right access to pre-IPO companies – this is where we come in!


The risk/return profile of such privately held companies is very attractive 2-3 years before the planned IPO, as the ‘heavy lifting’ has already been done and the risk that venture capitalists take has been eliminated; in technical terms, these firms have moved out of the dip in the J-curve and are already on the up-slope, and therefore able to provide returns to investors much faster than a typical private equity investment.

For clients in the U/HNWI segment, they are able to gain access to these successful private firms before they IPO, via a family office with the right connections in Silicon Valley.

A typical target company profile is as follows:

  • Valuation above USD 1 Billion.
  • Established products and services
  • Solid and stable management
  • High level of market acceptance (high market share or household name)
  • Worldwide presence
  • Close to an IPO (2-3 years)

Investments in these highly sought-after firms may be direct or via a fund, depending on the investment amount ($10 million minimum), but what is common to both paths is what we provide access to…

Our Edge – Your Advantage


The most important edge we can provide in this market, is an established network. Through our network, we can provide direct access to Silicon Valley CEOs and founders of the most successful companies. 

We also offer:

  • Direct PE Investments
  • Structuring of PE Investments
  • Organisation of shares
  • Conference Calls & Meetings
  • Negotiation lead
  • Contract negotiation
  • Transaction advice

Essentially, we support investors from introduction to the completion of a transaction.

Offer Clients Access to Silicon Valley Unicorns

Offering pre-IPO access to your clients, allows them to benefit from future capital increases and finance rounds, whist having a low correlation to public equity markets, as the IPO can be timed for favourable market conditions. 

If you have clients with an appetite for pre-IPO Unicorns (i.e. firms valued at $1B or more), contact us to discuss current opportunities in complete discretion.