Bespoke Alternative Investment Advisory Services

Bespoke service offering...


We offer 2 tailor-made services for the HNW community:

Alternative investment opportunities


Our alternative investment advisory business works closely with trusts and portfolio managers to develop and implement customised alternative investment solutions for their clients, carrying out due diligence on qualifying opportunities (principally real assets, intellectual property, private equity and hedge funds)

We use our extensive market network amongst financial professionals and entrepreneurs to discover alpha in investment opportunities that provide superior risk adjusted returns, which we share with our investment network. Deals are uncorrelated to exchange-based investments (stocks, bonds, commodities) and are typically direct investments with entrepreneurs who are proven experts in their field

Enhancing US stock risk-adjusted returns

For US stocks, we can conduct a risk/return review of your portfolio to optimise position sizing to ensure an improved used of capital.

For our own equity portfolio, we follow an active absolute return income-oriented investment approach.