Collection Monetisation

The problem...


Art collections have been a store of wealth for centuries. In today’s changing environment where HNWIs are seeking the holy grail of generating an income from their collection without having to give up ownership, it can seem an impossible conundrum. 

The solution...


It is a puzzle that, happily, we have solved: our business partner, which has over 85 years of combined experience in art, finance, and real estate, has created a collection monetising solution via a combined sale & leaseback. 

Essentially, this is a financial transaction where owners of fine art may sell a portion or the entirety of their collection and then lease the same pieces back, at a yearly rate.

This service would suit: 

  • Collectors, by allowing them to unlock the value of their collection while maintaining possession of the artworks
  • Art dealers and galleries, by enabling them to secure liquidity to expand their operations and finance their inventories
  • Wealth managers, trust & estate planners, lawyers and other professionals, by providing them with additional flexibility to manage and monetise their clients’ collections

Easy as "1, 2, 3"...


  1. We review and appraise the artworks. Upon determining the current market value we issue a term sheet.
  2. We then proceed to purchase the collection or artwork and lease it back to you.
  3. In most cases, you keep possession of the art, and in all cases, you have the option to purchase it back at any time during the lease